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Paying Guest and hostel deals are the deals which directly impacts an individual either employed or a student. Renting a paying guest or lodging a hostel is a big decision for a common man once he has moved out from the comfort of his hometown. It involves searching for the right place to make him/her feel at home. Students or Working Individuals mostly who stay back at a particular place for some duration, prefer staying in a paying guest or hostels as it is cost effective and it gives them a social platform to meet new people especially when they are new in that particular city.

Renting a Paying Guest (PG) or Hostel is a vital decision, as it’s not only about changing your address; it’s also about giving a person the security and comfort of a home.
With changing scenario now people students/bachelors who moves out for work or study not prefers to rent a entire house or room instaed of this now people prefers to stay in the PG or Hostel , this saves thier cost as well , as they need not to spend money on purchasing beds,table chairs short of things , which becaome a liablity while leaving back for their home.
A person looks for a good location, a PG or Hostel nearby to his/her workplace or college, nearby market, good transportation facilities available there.
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