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“Property deals”- be it buy/sale/rent of commercial property or residential property, is a big decision we have to make. For some, it becomes a life time decision, wherein we drain our minds by thinking too much as to who, where and how should one buy/sell/rent a property and for some, it will affect one’s hard earned money. Renting a property is a very important decision to make as it paves the path for your future plans.

As a buyer it’s not just a matter of investment, you look for the best property at the best possible rates with future appreciation opportunities and as a seller you look for the best deal, the best return on your investment.
In order to buy/sell/rent a property, we need a mediator who can assist us in finding good deals. It may sound good to have an assistant or broker to help you with the deals but it will definitely burn a hole in your pocket as it requires extra money like brokerage or maybe an extra amount if there is a long chain of brokers to acquire the property.
We have come up with the best practice to deal directly with the owners of the property and it is a brokerage free property. In this process, it will save a lot of your money and efforts.
For a property owner, when dealing with a seeker directly, there are certain benefits. Firstly, the property owner knows exactly as to who they’re dealing with. On the other hand, they also have complete control on the deal and most importantly the owner & seeker does not require paying the brokerage fee as they will be meeting each other in person. So in terms of pricing, there will be flexibility as they can negotiate on the price without a broker.
For a seeker, there will be certain benefits as well, when dealing with the property owner directly. Firstly, there will be no brokerage fee for the deal and secondly, no brokerage to pay as they are in direct contact with the owner. There will be great chances of finding the property less expensive too.
In the process of 0 brokerage system i.e direct dealing (buying and selling), there will be a big obstacle wherein the owner will look for a higher price and the seeker will look for a lower price. Here the knowledge of the market can play bigger role to resolve this major issue.
Are you looking to buy, sale or lease your new home or work place directly through property owners? One2one Zone is best place to explore and find the best owners’ properties which are completely brokerage free. One2one is not limited to residential properties only you can post/explore commercial properties too and all without intervention of real estate professionals.
One2one property search zone of Property Pivot is dedicated for the owners and the seekers only, i.e. broker free. At this platform owners will post their property and seekers will post their requirement and they will deal with each other without intervention of any real estate intermediary.
This zone is dedicated to owners’ properties, a complete brokerage free section so enjoy brokerage free property searches and deal with property owners directly.
We understand you might be worried of incorrect information in terms of so called owner but indirectly they are brokers listing, we have ensured you get refined owners’ property only, also we have implemented few unique privacy features for you to safe guard your privacy.

Our team wishes you a happy real estate hunting,enjoy true brokerage free property search service in india, please stay connected with us.

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