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Frequently Asked Questions

Property Pivot , created to give you simplified search experiance. We felt the need of giving you simple search experiance with authenticated data.

We oserved small small issues are left unattended by other players thus we are taking those for you.

There are few unique implementations which differ property pivot from existing portals. it has Segregated search platform Unique privacy filters , Equal opportunity mechanism , Most fresh property listing system.


Property Pivot is incorporated on end user first approach, All the efforts are made to comfort end users .


We appreciate if you have any suggestion/feedback to enhance end user experience.

Segregated search platform means, the separate advertisement platform for real estate related professionals and owners but access to end user every where.


Normally most of the portals gives you option of filters , which have some loop holes. we give end user option to search according to their need , so no more mixed property listings .


for example : if end user wish to see property posted by qualified agents , he/she must visit our residential or commercial segment. If he/she wish to see property posted by owners , he/she must register with us on our one2one section.

Yes, At one 2one section no one is allowed without registration.


Owner and seekers are allowed at one2one but only by registration. We will cross verify the identity then only allow search at the panel.


This is all for restricting  access of unidentified identity and ensuring privacy options , which vary on individual to individual preferences.


We have implemented privacy filters for end user and owners.


We observed some of the owners and end users don't wish to show their contact details infront of all ,some don't have any issues on showing.


On other hand few people not willing to get contacted by anyone on certain time period .


Other players do see it but not made any proper arrangement for both above issues thus we prepared some unique implementations.


At the time of registrations at one2one segment we ask for privacy and visibility settings , please choose as per your preference.

Ofcourse it can be done, Please select visibility setting to public and privacy setting to secure.


Above setting will allow cross platform advertisement, and hide your contact details to all , you will get contact details of the visitors at dashboard of one2one section, you connect to them as per your convenience.


Also if you wish to show your contact details to all for some time, please select privacy setting to moderate and choose your preferred time slot, this setting will show your contact details to all only at the time you prefer.

Equal opportunity mechanism stands for equal opportunity to all, irrelevant to package opted.


Other players offer premium listings to be preferred or keep fresh listing to be preferred , we differ little bit, we discourage discrimination based on premium listings, we encourage fresh listings.


Also we observed professionals advertise property with low pricing to get upper hand, we discourage this practice as well, we will bar that professional for this act is proved, so please do let us know if you encounter this issue.


In property pivot system every property listing will get good chance of exposure provided it's properly verified by property pivot, there are certain standards set for verifications , which will be applied in little while.


Only the properties with freshness and verification will have upper hands but this does not mean rest properties will not get proper visibility. 

Property pivot offers end user most fresh listings in industry, the property listing which is for lease / rent will remain on board for maximum 20 days and listings for sale can remain till 40 days .


But this is maximum time, above listings can be automatically deactivated prior to time frame fixed, based on the exposure it is getting.


Although we have tried to answer all your queries on our FAQ section but still if you have query? Please feel free to contact us at info@propertypivot.com .