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By: D.I.J.Lukh

25-01-2017 18:25:21

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Why another property portal

The bewilderment of dealing with large number of property search portal these days is common among genuine property buyers.

Hunt  for a genuine home is every individual’s  dream. We live in a world where web has been an integral part in day to day activity, right from selling, buying, chatting, people have been using the web. For an individual browsing for the right and genuine product is always a top priority, it can be any kind of commodity.

Property is one aspect where people sweat out their hard earned living, web has played a very crucial role in delivering this most vital aspect. Many property portals exists in the  web, which has brought in a much easier and simplified way for a buyer and a seller to meet. For an individual buying a genuine property has always been a big headache, it may be residential, commercial property. With so many property agents in the frame and promising good properties, hitting the right deal is  one hell of an effort.

Property Portals exists to provide avid property searchers with a simplified search experience with authentic data. Property portals only exists to give information about the properties. In the course of me hunting for a rented place I came across a new portal called propertypivot.com which I guess is very new in the market. Browsing the site I found it very user friendly and here are the few points which I found quite unique about this site as compared to the others.

1. There are oodles of different mannerisms which separates propertypivot.com from other existing portals such as: unique privacy filters, segregated search platform, equal opportunity mechanism, and most fresh property listing system.

2. While visiting it, I found every searcher gets attention in an equal manner as we work towards incorporating the end user first approach. Something which I feel rest of the portals have not taken care of.

3. When I say segregated search platform, I mean with a closely focused, separate advertisement platform for all real estate related professionals as well as owners but with a full access to end user anywhere, anytime. Isn’t that great?

4. Their FAQ section has really helped me to understand the work of property portals. You are all set to buy (and rent) your dream property in a most comforting manner…

My best wishes to the portals who take an end user as a top priority and believes in providing authentic data.


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