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By: Randhir Kumar

17-01-2017 23:51:00

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The digital platforms in real estate sector in India

As we know that today’s trend is of digital platform for the entire working sector like:-business, education, banking, share market and many more. There are so many reason behind it because, everybody knows that due to digital platform,  working process become easy and it is very short time consuming process so, digitization in every department is being popular in faster manner. At present, most of the business activity is performed by using digital platform like:-product selling purchasing, business meeting, online shopping, brand promotion and many more. That’s why digital platform has been established also for Real Estate activity like: land selling purchasing, construction over the land, natural resources trading activity etc. there is need of establishment of digitization in holistic manner because so many fraud activity is done in the real estate sector by land lord and broker and ultimately customer become victim of such kind of fraudism. So for stopping this there is need of “perfect genuine digital platform” from where real estate trading can performed in better manner. In the present scenario there is one of the best names in real estate which provide genuine information and services regarding real estate that is: Property Pivot. This is best place to gather the appropriate information regarding real estate.

Digital platforms in real estate sector: - there are so many benefits of digital platform for real estate work in our country because, most of the real estate work is done manually so it is very tough task to all those people who involved in it. As we know that real estate involve land, construction, natural resources utilization, land lord, customer, contract regarding property, government notice regarding real estate and many more. So, these all cannot regulated manually easily. So digital platform will keep all the information, news, attachment of trader and real estate notice over the single place and all activity will be done easily manner.

Impact of digital platform in real sector will be as shown below:-

  1. Anybody can get information regarding property which will be for selling or purchasing from the website.
  2. Landlord can post the news regarding their property of which they want to sell.
  3. Contractor can bid the mentioned project over the website easily.
  4. Customer can purchase property as per his requirement over the website.
  5. Selling and purchasing of property will be easy.
  6. Over all activity can be done from anywhere of India.
  7. Customer can direct contact with land lord to purchase the property.
  8. If government notice or news is posted on website then everybody can access easily from the website easily.

Furthermore, for creating the digital platform there is need of some attentions that are shown below:--

  1. Displayed information on the website must be true or genuine.
  2. Website must be registered with government authority.
  3. If any misshapen, then website owner will be responsible.
  4. Customer care services must be there for real estate query.

If such attentions keep in mind during the digital platform establishment then everybody will trust over them and real estate trade will run properly.

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