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By: Pyndap Lawriniang

22-02-2017 12:49:10

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Scope of Real Estate Portals and Modern India

We are living in the 21st century, modern India has advanced and technology is getting better and better day by day, education level is improving too, but when it comes to house hunting a large number of population still look for manual search, when I say manual I mean they go for property hunting through brokers or through banners of “to let” or “sale” hanged on the streets/premises or through referencing.

Is this all about the distrust on real estate industry? No, not exactly, But the reason behind this is lack of knowledge. 

We conducted a survey to find out the reasons and scope of real estate portals; we found out that:

  1. Most population who move into metro cities do not even know about property portals.
  2. The few who know about property sites , know the name of market leaders only.
  3. Sometimes people are unaware of the right mechanism (exact way) to search for a property through property portals.
  4. Few are there who are not willing to go with online property hunt at all because of distrust on property market.

Now, when we see there are so many property portals in online real estate industry, I was wondering what the scope of real estate portals is; why people are still not aware of it; or why they are not using property portals. What is the reason behind new portals coming and going?

The main reason which I see is, it’s  not just about the  distrusts or cheats in real estate industry, it’s all about poor user experience, lack of knowledge of Search process  and also poor advertising medium .People in India go by words only not through experience. There are so many people in India who use social media platforms just because they see their friends and relatives using the same but not because of the actual technology use. Similarly the main reason behind not using property portals could be the same because there are only few who use property portals but not to the optimum level. The day people find the actual worth of these portals, we’ll see a tremendous growth on the traffic through actual users in these portals.   

Market leaders are doing their bit of marketing campaigns just to attract advertisers, they do enrich the design of their portals to enhance the user experience but still they are not able to capitalize the market just because they are failing to explain how to use their platform up to maximum utilization.

As per my observation, there is still a fair scope of growth in online real estate portals; as I can see there is a clear need of education series and purified information on the industry, with trust building. We cannot ignore the fact that there is still untapped tier 2, tier 3 cities, which is even bigger than metros’. So online real estate portals can grow in India provided they move on the right path with the right vision.

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