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By: Randhir Kumar

02-02-2017 17:00:09

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Residential property Deals in India

a house  is very essential requirement for everyone. Without it, we cannot imagine human life. Population in India increasing day by day , so problems regarding “residential properties availablity” increasing as well. To resolve this  problem, Real Estate sector's growth plays vital role in India. In process  of  providing residence, several construction companies are working from last 30 to 40 years.

Deals of residential properties in India is takes place in various ways those are:

  1. Indirect dealing: - In Such deals, interaction between landlords and seekers takes place through the brokers/agent. For such assistance, brokers demand commission from both parties, so this deal turns bit expensive for both parties.
  2. Direct dealing: - In Such deals,, landlords and seekers meet directly with each other, Thereafter, they deal by own.  This is much better way of dealing as compared to broker oriented dealings.  In this case seekers obtain information regarding real estate property from several mediums like: - newspaper advertisements, real estate web portals, and by local community information.
  3. Allotment system:- To buy the residential properties in India, there are some other procedures as well.Which use some special techniques like: “lucky draw , first come first serve  or priority assignment. That’s why there is no guarantee of residence for all applicants.

Furthermore, sometimes fraud activity takes place and actual seeker gets cheated ,Reasons are-

  1. Sometimes, unauthorized home/flat/plot is sold by the broker/agent, due to which buyers/needy become victim of it, no property even after payment.
  2. False commitment by the brokers and corrupt officer; which never comes on live ground.
  3. Bribery is also a big issue, Sometimes genuine person does not get their home allocated, in case of nonpayment of bribery.
  4. There are so many Real estate portals, in which genuine information is not shown/posted, due to which customers are not able to find actual information and gets deceived by false advertisers and their false property posts, ultimately seeker suffers.

What are the requirements for Indian seekers?

As we know that large population in India belongs to the middle class family, so their budget is also limited. They prefer middle range residencies like: 1 BHK, 2BHK,3 BHK according to their family size &  budget ,which could be anything in between budget range of 20 to 50 lacs .  

Furthermore, before buying any property every seeker needs to visit that concerned property, to get an overview of basic facilities like: Water & electricity, Transportation, hospitals, education institutes, park,entertainment facilities etc. then, finalize the best one to buy.

Special tips for seekers before buying the Real Estate Properties :-

  1. Try to investigate real estate properties in deep, before buying it.
  2. Try to meet directly to owners/landlords so that dealing could be in optimum cost.
  3. Avoid fraud Real estate broker/agent; for authentication check their registration details.  
  4. Always use genuine Real estate Portal to gather the required information. Trust the portal which emphasizes on information in detailed and verified.   

Over all, we can say that, these are the ways to deal with residential properties in India. Everybody must use genuine source to deal, then only results could be better. Ultimately I would like to say, in the present scenario, is trustworthy portal, because it emphasizes on true information only, which is necessary for any decision making.

I suggest everyone who wants to buy/sale/rent residential properties in India please visit At this portal, landlords can publish the information regarding “residential property for rent” and seeker can explore those details & connect with them. A buyer can also check out the information about “residential property on sale” which is posted by owners/brokers/builders at separate place.

All the best for the residential property deals !!

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