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By: Pyndap Lawriniang

03-02-2017 13:03:02

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Among the basic needs of human being, one important need is shelter. Everyone in this world dream for his/her own roof  to stay  with their loved beings. Not only that , for living everyone needs to earn. With shift in economy/generation, scenario has changed with most youngsters looking for entering into entrepreneurship rather than serving anyone else which also needs a place. That’s why real estate sector has it’s own relevancy; which will grow with growth in economy and population.

In real estate terminology we call it “Residential Property Search & Commercial Property Search” Residential search stands for search regarding residence and commercial search stands for search of a place to establish business concern.

Now, for performing the real estate search there are many ways:

  1. First  & the most traditional way is : roam around and check which property Is suitable for you.
  2. Second is to deal with easily available nearby agents who are in touch with direct owners or in a chain of agents who have right to deal with property.
  3. Third option is a bit popular now a days but not trusted enough .  First look up for a property on internet and then visit the property and finalize the deal.

First option of property hunt is cost effective but time consuming, second one is time effective but expensive as it have charges of agent, third one depends upon your smartness; if you are smart enough, it can save your time & money both.

Here comes the role of real estate portals and online news portals, to which a person refers to and get information about the property; But different person have different take on this segment.

  1. A property Advertiser,  be it property owner or a broker or a builder, looks at it as lead/prospect generation tool,  where he/she puts some information; which is not 100% true or false or complete.
  2. A property seeker, looks it as information gathering tool but trust only  those portals which is either very old or comes on first page of search engine;  but never looks at the exact information he must look for. Instead of information he/she trust upon the good looking advertisements.
  3. A portal owner looks it as pure source of revenue generation; for that he/she works on outlook & showcase style to make it more fascinating to attract end users.

All of them are right on  their own place because advertisements are done to acquire business.  Hunting is done to find desired output and business is for profit but still there is something which is not right in this system.

One Seeker puts his harden earned money, sometimes everything which he earns during his life time to fulfill the dream of his children and finally gets cheated.

Some people prefer traditional ways the most, even if it is time consuming. Some people tries the latest ways (technology) but still believe in traditional way.

Think… in the era when people forget old ways of communication and start using email, latest mobile, facebook , twitter  & whats app; but do  not believe on online real estate portals , why?  What’s gone wrong ?

As per my observation, it’s all about the trust which is not there when it comes to real estate industry and the real estate portals failed to convince them their actual relevancy and use.

In past years there were so many instances when people got cheated and they losing their harden earned money. A person who is being cheated says to 10 people; then those 10 communicate it with 100 more, this way one bad experience become worse for all even if it’s of one person’s experience.

But as an end user you even realize what your mistake was? You’ve seen good, effective looking, eye catching advertisement and invested money or you trusted  someone and invested your money, but you never paused for a day to look up at the best available information.

I closely looked at unauthorized land deals where government do not permit to sell the property as it’s agricultural land; but due to the grace of some corrupt officials that property is easily on sale; the seller put a cheap price tag & good advertisement and he is done; You, the end user is trapped. Why? So, What if your budget is low, Why  don’t  you gather information before investing? I have seen So many people got cheated in such deals and the blame goes to the entire real estate industry but you will not look up for any information. Even if they look for information they trust the media which even don’t care for them but just money.

Trust me, it’s  only you who encourage such bad practicing businessmen by dealing with them without verifying their credibility. So next time when you hear something about any cheat took place, before spreading it, ask whether that cheated victim collected detailed information about so called investment deal before entering into it? Or even if you are planning to invest, ask yourself whether you are done with all information acquisition?

Now let’s come to those guys who as per them collected every information but still got cheated. Here comes the foul play of the advertisement medium (online real estate portal) and the advertisers.

Even though real estate portals are made for advertisement and information; they must look for pure information rather than pure advertisement; as a real estate portal this must not be the source of only putting in leads to advertisers, instead it should be the source of information.

So this is the responsibility of both the owner of that real estate portal and the advertiser that there must be correct and detailed information; real estate portal must bar the corrupt minded advertisers who put wrong information only to trap people and eventually create a bad name of real estate industry.

But of course before doing this you need to shift focus to quality content than revenue from advertisements.

So; finally I would like to tell you, real estate industry is the important sector for economy growth and your growth too; of course there are some bad experiences but there is still so many people who work on good faith; so don’t lose trust and move ahead with some precautions:

  1. When you think about investment: look for best possible information.
  2. Don’t become impatient : you have given this much time spend little more time on information gathering; when you speak to anyone use that information.
  3. Don’t get deceived with offers or rumors that this is the best time and it won’t come again…. don’t go for deal until you have enough information.
  4. Before trusting any dealer or builder; take information about him; make sure with whom you are dealing? What his credentials is? Whether he is registered practitioner? What is his /her past experience?
  5. Information source is most important:  choose multiple sources and trust only that which gives you detailed information about each aspect not on big name or older name.  Never ignore any information.
  6. Never trust on fancy advertisement or a source of information which is having it’s own interest on that deal.
  7. Always give your feedback, suggestions & reviews. your experience can help someone and someone’s experience can help you. Refer to the real estate forums , there might be some topic which can really help you, I suggest do go through

All the best…

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