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By: Pyndap Lawriniang

16-02-2017 20:41:54

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Information , Awareness is the key

Since the beginning of time people use to deal with each other for necessities; time changed, and with it, price and dealing style changed. Barter system replaced by money and now money is being replaced by digital money. Similarly, market place changed too. From small markets to big complex/mall and now to even bigger online market place. But one thing which has not changed in this process is  greed and  deception; it was less in olden days but has grown bigger and bigger with  time; few people, for getting  small benefit cheats their customer which results to the whole market place suffering.

Nowadays we see many malpractices in every sector; the main reason behind this is low awareness and poor government policies which could not really safeguard a consumer.

When we talk about real estate industry, people say it’s full of cheats; it’s not that most people got cheated but it’s because few people got cheated which involves big amount that can be their saving of lifetime. When it comes to buying a property, People are even reluctant to go online for any deal support, dealing online is a question beyond imagination; they tend to go by references. Sometimes they are ditched by that referee and again the same distrust arises.

I don’t see any valid reason on not going for informational search online or meeting /talking to many people before coming up to a property deal; so what basically you must see?

Everyone have their own unique way of analyzing; for me the best way of nullifying the risk of misleading information is eliminating the non-trustable source or advertiser. I personally look for seriousness of the advertiser, accuracy of information, registration information if dealing with professional and most importantly the reviews of the people who have already dealt with them (which is commonly manipulated by the advertisers and advertising media). So before entering to a property deal, try this out:

  1. Look for various options to attain information; see few pages of search engines; not just the first one.
  2. Don’t just rely on information of one portal; go for different platforms.
  3. Look for reviews and quality of reviews. Don’t rely completely on the reviews because it can be manipulated but take some idea out of that review. Positive reviews sometimes can be deceptive ones so be careful.
  4. Look for registration details of the professional. If a professional hides his registration details; find out details  of him and put it on ignore list; if someone claims and give his registration details please cross verify from registration authority before dealing.
  5. Look for images of property; if you find two similar images and different ads (property details); find out the advertiser and put that on ignore list because that could be a trap, advertiser is not serious on giving information to you at all; so ignore that as well.

While searching a property for my own I looked for details but found out most of the advertisers hide the important information by quoting that it has no relevance or they can’t put all information online but then question arises ,if they can’t put all information online then why even put some information at all? Just to attract???  Even though this is the problem with advertising media and advertisers, you can find out most of the information online by looking at different mediums.

Finally, decision is yours, either you completely rely upon one source / reference and get ditched or give some time to make yourself aware/acquainted and then go for the deal; choice is always yours, these are my opinions to help you a bit.

All the best !

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