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By: Anupama Singh

15-02-2017 09:46:18

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Economies of scale: investment in commercial properties in India

For a common man working hard day in and day out, the biggest dream is to see his savings grow, so that he can fulfil the dreams of his loved ones.  For a lot many people, one fail-proof investment seems to be real estate. All though the current market sentiment is a little damp, real estate still remains a choice of many.

However, one area of real estate which many common investors ignore is the commercial properties. Today, for anybody looking to invest in real estate, investing in a commercial property can be the option of choice. With a large inventory of commercial property for sale in India, the prices are currently low and thus this is the best time to enter in this segment.  Also, this segment provides scope for capital appreciation along with regular rental income.

As per some estimates, Grade A commercial real estate can give rental returns in the range of 8-10% on the capital value. Experts also believe that it makes sense to invest in commercial real estate  during slowdown since they are essentially rent yielding assets and can guarantee a steady flow of income.

An added advantage offered by commercial real estate is that normally tenancy for residential real estate is 12 to 18 months, for commercial properties for lease in India, the tenants tend to stay on for between 3 to 10 years. The longer tenancy leads to longer assured income.

With the new business friendly measures taken by the government, the sense of confidence has grown in the corporate sector and hence the demand for commercial properties for sale is expected to grow. The strengthening of start up culture is also expected to drive up growth for commercial properties for lease in India and also drive up rentals from such properties. So if you are considering investment in real estate, you should definitely check out the commercial properties for sale in India before making the final decision.

It is said that as per the universal laws of attraction, one attracts in life, what one thinks of or wishes for. Today for an investor, making his wishes come true entails nothing more than a bit of planning and researching to identify the market trends. An investment in commercial properties can surely be your passport to getting the right returns and making your dreams come true.

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