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By: Pyndap Lawriniang

01-02-2017 14:17:26

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Buying a Property : 5 Important Things To Know!

 I’ll start with a popular phrase which my teacher taught in School days: “The basic necessity of every human being is FOOD,CLOTHES AND A HOUSE (in Hindi, ROTI,KAPDA aur MAKAAN)”. House hunting is not just a headache but a dream for everyone. Investing or buying a property in India is one heck of a task both financially and emotionally

. Before you invest a huge chunk of your savings, few measures have to be taken care of.

Here are the few things you must ensure before you buy land in India …

Check whether the property has cleared legal titles

You will need to make legal checks on the history of the property – whether it still holds rights or interests of any third party that could come up after you buy the property. Always make sure that you have had look at the ownership of property papers. It will save you a lot of head-ache at later stage.

Learn the difference between sq. feet, built up and super built up

During purchase of a flat/property, there should be no ambiguity related to carpet area, super built-up area and super built up area. The carpet area is the space available for flooring a carpet ,the super built-up area is the carpet area including the wall, balcony space and other areas. The super built up area is the super built area plus the corridor space. It also includes the area for common use like lobby, lifts, staircase etc, garage and alley. This difference between the super-built up and carpet area is called loading.

When you are buying it is important to ensure that you are paying for the carpet area and not for the super built up area that sometimes has a loading of nearly 30-40 per cent.

Check the operating history of the Property Agent

How many properties have they successfully sold in the past? Talk to some buyers who may have purchased property with that agent. Cross verify the registration details of the particular agent before making a deal and do check whether they have  stuck to their promises of giving facilities in ?

Check the Property Age

Most of the time a buyer doesn’t get what he/she desires, Cross verifying the property age is very necessary whether you buy it through any portal or directly from a seller.

Property Search Route

With so many ads and property information online, a user has many options to look for a property . But with today’s busy schedules, sieving through the market and gathering information can be a daunting task.

Understanding this challenge, has designed a  simplified and unique real estate search system which are not new but somehow not dealt properly Not only will this service help you save valuable time in short listing properties, but it will also fetch you the home u desire.

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