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By: Anupama Singh

27-02-2017 23:29:19

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Brokerage free real estate: a dream not too far

As one prepares to rent, sell or buy a residential property, there is often no other recourse available other than looking for a broker.  A real estate broker is someone whom not a lot of people may want to involve in their property dealings but often have little choice. We all have had to deal with broker at some point and quite frankly, shelling out the extra brokerage charges does pinch. As per rough estimates there are about 5 lakh brokers in real estate in India and most of them are small time operators.

While finding a broker free property India may have seemed like a dream or at best a lucky break, now there are sites and portals offering brokerage free real estate in India.

Why, do you ask is the upcoming portals and sites providing brokerage free real estate in India such a big deal? Well, for starters these are adding a professional touch to the ecosystem that was missing till now while making life easy for those searching for selling/renting properties.

Many portals have come up with features to allow end users to select broker free property in India either to rent or buy. Some property portals are actually providing sections only dedicated for the owners and the seekers i.e. broker free. Here owners can post their property and seekers, their requirement and they can deal with each other directly erasing the need for any brokerage.

With availability of brokerage free real estate in India, both owners and seekers are expected to benefit greatly. Apart from saving on brokerage fee one also gets to know complete details of the broker free property directly from the owner. Also when opting for brokerage free properties in India   and dealing directly with he owners of the property one should always ensure to have a good knowledge of the market, since the owner will always look to get a high price while seeker will look to settle at a lower price. For property owners broker free deals will ensure they know exactly whom they are dealing with and can negotiate the price directly by meeting seekers face to face. Also for seekers too there is a higher chance of finding good properties at directly

Brokers often work through their own network and may recommend properties they may not have a fair detail of including smaller things such as plumbing, wiring etc.  Also since their interest is in closing the deal, brokers may at times hoodwink the buyer into selecting a property that is not as per his requirements.

So we can see that there are scores of benefits if a person seeks brokerage free property in India. The market has indeed been disrupted and the future for brokerage free real estate in India seems promising.

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