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Real Estate Startups and challenges

26-03-2017 15:53:32, By: Pyndap Lawriniang

Yesterday I thought to search the property for me in Delhi. I googled like , 3 bhk..

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Paying guest phenomena and its scope in India

14-03-2017 08:59:31, By: Anupama Singh

Renting out your home is an emotional decision. However, it is a wise choice as it is a much better option than letting your house lay vacant. If s..

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Brokerage free real estate: a dream not too far

27-02-2017 23:29:19, By: Anupama Singh

As one prepares to rent, sell or buy a residential property, there is often no other recourse available other than looking for a broker.  A re..

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Buying home in India is now very convenient

22-02-2017 15:07:01, By: Diwakar Bindora

For a common man buying a property is a big thing. But since 2015 buying a property is going very cheap. Living in a metro city and buying a home i..

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Scope of Real Estate Portals and Modern India

22-02-2017 12:49:10, By: Pyndap Lawriniang

We are living in the 21st century, modern India has advanced and technology is getting better and better day by day, education level is improving t..

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Information , Awareness is the key

16-02-2017 20:41:54, By: Pyndap Lawriniang

Since the beginning of time people use to deal with each other for necessities; time changed, and with it, price and dealing style changed. Barter ..

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Economies of scale: investment in commercial properties in India

15-02-2017 09:46:18, By: Anupama Singh

For a common man working hard day in and day out, the biggest dream is to see his savings grow, so that he can fulfil the dreams of his loved ones...

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Real Estate Industry: Broker and No-Broker Phenomena

09-02-2017 15:15:46, By: Randhir Kumar

As we know that every industry requires good professionals to run it properly. Sometimes, non-professionals also play good role with them to run th..

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Indian Real Estate and Foreign Movers !!

04-02-2017 10:30:27, By: Pyndap Lawriniang

Real estate – the deals of immovable assets for residential or commercial purpose.

 When i meet real estate professionals and ..

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03-02-2017 13:03:02, By: Pyndap Lawriniang

Among the basic needs of human being, one important need is shelter. Everyone in this world dream for his/her own roof  to stay  with the..

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Residential property Deals in India

02-02-2017 17:00:09, By: Randhir Kumar

a house  is very essential requirement for everyone. Without it, we cannot imagine human life. Population in India increasing day by day , so ..

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Buying a Property : 5 Important Things To Know!

01-02-2017 14:17:26, By: Pyndap Lawriniang

 I’ll start with a popular phrase which my teacher taught in School days: “The basic necessity of every human bei..

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Why another property portal

25-01-2017 18:25:21, By: D.I.J.Lukh

The bewilderment of dealing with large number of property search portal these days is common among genuine property buyers.

Hunt  fo..

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6 Basic Tips to help You Find Right Property in India

23-01-2017 09:38:19, By: Rahul Singh

Buying new home is always a cumbersome task. It needs a lot of planning, efforts and a strategic approach. As you’re gonna spend your hard-ea..

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Residential Real Estate In India

21-01-2017 15:07:25, By: Anupama Singh

In India, Real Estate is the third largest GDP contributor. According to market experts, the market will grow to USD 180 billion by 2020 which will..

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The digital platforms in real estate sector in India

17-01-2017 23:51:00, By: Randhir Kumar

As we know that today’s trend is of digital platform for the entire working sector like:-business, education, banking, share market and many ..

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Why People Do Not Trust Online Property Portals

16-01-2017 14:12:33, By: Sanjay K Sharma

As Sumit Chandran drove his car into the distant developing sub-city, so aggressively advertised, with such media hype created, he looked all aroun..

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Renting, A Bad Business, Hampering Common Man

04-01-2017 23:20:29, By: D.I.J.Lukh

Delhi is landlocked. Climatic extremity is what spells the year’s season. The fact that it is a capital city, a metropolitan in itself, reels..

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